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What does your future in Europe look like?

How does your future in Europe look like?

Let’s talk about Europe, a dialogue about the future of Europe.

How do you get the ideas, wishes and visions about Europe’s future clear? And how do you connect groups of people from Tilburg that would not normally talk to each other about this subject?

Are you studying in vocational education (ROC Tilburg), are you studying at the University of Tilburg, are you a member of the KBO Tilburg or are you involved in local politics? Then we’d like to have an open discussion with you about European cooperation.

We do this using the Challenges Day Method, known in the Netherlands from the TV programme Over de Streep (Over the Line). We will divide you per group, and then give you questions and statements, your response to which may just take you over the line…

The following clip provides a good impression of what will happen during this day:


Gemeente Tilburg

Where and when

monday september 25th
16.00 – 18.00

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Aanmelden: Hoe ziet jouw toekomst in Europa eruit?