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We unleash your digital potential

We unleash your digital potential

Robotization, artificial intelligence, blockchain, big data, 3D Printing, 3D scanning, virtual reality … just a few of the technological developments already around, that in the near future will become more dominant and will lead to fundamental changes. Changes to the labour market and professions, to ways of doing business, to healthcare, to the way in which we interact. Who’s ready for a digitalised world?
To make use of the opportunities that the future offers and to cope with the threats, resilience is required. From the authorities, education, businesses and above all from citizens. Resilience starts with understanding and ends with trust. Trust in a future rich with perspective and trust in ourselves. Trust that we have the knowledge and skills to assess developments on their merits and to incorporate them into our daily lives. We call this digital resilience.
At the Genicap Institute in Tilburg, the worlds of entrepreneurs, scientists and authorities are bundled to solve social issues and to realise economic growth.
During our session, we will take you to our world of formulas and algorithms and make the concrete translation to what you can do yourself to improve your digital resilience, even without the nerd gene. It’s easier than you think!


Arena Consulting

Where and when

tuesday september 26th
09.00 – 12.00
INDICIA, Spoorlaan 348

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