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We Present The Future

We Present The Future

Allow your senses to be stimulated by the innovative concepts of young future thinkers during We Present The Future. During a storytelling performance, alumni of Fontys International Lifestyle Studies will take you into their vision of the future – and the challenges that go hand-in-hand. The work of these professionals contributes to a sustainable and positive future in which quality of life is at the heart and people’s needs are the starting point. These young talents are open minded, creative and innovative and use their skills to make the world a better place.

The following talents will share their vision:
De volgende talenten komen aan het woord:
– Marcella Vonk
– Robin Peeters
– Femke Pluijm
– Zoë Tuithof
– Marica Balk
– Lieke Dols
– Eefke van de Wouw
– Maud Brock

A tip for business looking for future-focused talent: during We Present The Future come and meet trend researchers and concept developers from the Future Union – who could be an asset for your company!


Future Union
Fontys International Lifestyle Studies

Where and when

thursday september 28th
20.00 – 22.00
Club Smederij

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