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Tranzo Zorgsalon: Diversity in the nursing home

Tranzo Zorgsalon: Diversity in the nursing home

Labour migrants from the 60’s, inhabitants of former Dutch colonies; they are part of the Dutch elderly of now and the near future. The diversity in nursing homes is a reflection of the cultural and ethnic diversity in society. On the other hand, nursing is a guaranteed right, the same for everyone, with clear frameworks for housing, care and welfare. How successful are care professionals in meeting diversity, within the frameworks? Are care professionals managing to connect with those elderly and their relatives with a ‘different’ background? And, what do the elderly themselves think? In this ‘zorgsalon’, a range of speakers will address the dilemmas, opportunities and possibilities for diversity in the nursing home.

Tranzo annually organises a number of Zorgsalons. A Zorgsalon is a discussion session with the objective of facilitating the debate and the exchange of information about the care & welfare sector. These sessions are meant for policy makers, policy staff, care providers, clients/patients, prevention workers from the care sector, for researchers and for individuals interested in the Tranzo programme. During the Tranzo Zorgsalon, two or three speakers first speak about their vision on the topic from their own perspective (science, professional and citizen/care recipient). Following this, there is plenty of space for discussion.  
The Dear Future, zorgsalon is focused on diversity in the nursing home.


Tilburg University, School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Where and when

thursday september 28th
14.00 – 17.00
Willem II Stadion

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