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The value of leisure

The value of leisure

What, for you, is the meaning of free time?
The NHTV Academy for Leisure has carried out research into ‘the value of leisure time’ and would like to present and discuss its findings during Dear Future,. What about the freedom of choice that we have in our free time? Are all leisure facilities equally accessible and available for everyone? We want more, we can do more and have more things available than ever before in our free time, but the fact remains that the amount of time we have at our disposal hasn’t changed. Does this turn valuable time into stressful time? Can work, care and leisure time actually be separated?

Different researchers will, based on a specific theme, outline their perspective on the value that leisure can have as a sector, where hospitality, social cohesion, inclusion, meaning and accessibility are key issues. Just some of the examples that will be addressed include:  
– How people use leisure time for identity forming and meaningfulness. 
– How an event such as Red Hair Day contributes to specific community forming. 
– How Polish migrants experience exclusion when going out. 
– How culture podiums and theme parks struggle with their hospitality and accessibility.  
– How co-creation and tourism are not such a successful partnership.
– How leisure time will play a role in the education of the future.

NHTV will make brief contributions, coming from Arend Hardorff, Peter Horsten, Ilja Simons, Esther Peperkamp and Simon de Wijs. The research, including eighteen contributions, will also be made available in the form of a magazine.


Academy for Leisure NHTV

Where and when

thursday september 28th
15.00 – 17.00
Hall of Fame, Junior Skatepark

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