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The future of the people of Brabant, according to the people of Brabant

The future of the people of Brabant, according to the people of Brabant

Every year, PON focuses on a specific theme currently relevant in (Brabant) society. Based on research, they write articles and bundle them in a publication. This year they are looking to the future with the theme: Brabant 2047 – The future of the people of Brabant according to the people of Brabant. For this they have collected inspiration, stories and images about the future of Brabant from the people of Brabant themselves. They have bundled these findings in an essay and an online magazine.

During this meeting, PON takes you through their findings and we will talk during an interactive discussion about a number of future innovations: what influence will these developments have on your life? What role do you play in this yourself? And what role do other people play, such as entrepreneurs, knowledge institutes and the government, in the future of Brabant?



Where and when

friday september 29th
09.30 – 12.30
Hall of Fame, Junior Skatepark

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