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Pieter Bon: The Future is Yours

Pieter Bon: The Future is Yours

Yes, I know. Your future seems to be far away from your daily reality. My future? Yes, your future! How do you see your future? Is there a future for you? Of course! There’s a future for everybody. But how to work on your future? How do you deal with your future? Which choices should be made? Which personal goals should be reached? And within what context you have to realize those goals? Have you ever heard of the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations? Do you realize that you have to work on those goals too? How? Come to this workshop and let’s start that ‘how’ discussion. Let’s solve some problems of the future…. …….and we’ll sing! This workshop rocks!

Pieter Bon operates in higher education all his professional career and works with youngsters from all over the world. Discussing with them their hopes, their plans, their dreams, their sorrows, their energy and motivation.


Pieter Bon

Where and when

tuesday september 27th
13.30 – 17.00
Hall of Fame, Ladybird Skatepark

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