Dear Future, 23-29 September 2017, Tilburg

Online / offline environment of young people R-newt x Het PON

Online / offline environment of young people R-newt x Het PON

R-Newt is active and present in the world of young people, helps them to develop their talents and discover themselves. Together with Het PON, R-Newt has and provides usable knowledge in the cultural and social domain. R-Newt wants to make visitors aware of how quickly the online world infiltrates into the domains where young people find themselves. Such as social media, maintaining relationships, communication tools, 24/7 and cyber bullying. By mirroring visitors, they become aware of how quickly young people develop and how less and less activities take place offline.



Where and when

sunday september 24th
13.30 – 16.00
Hall of Fame, Foyer

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This programme is free of charge with a wristband. You can get your free wristband at the information point or you can ask the activity organiser. It is advisable to subscribe if you’re planning on visiting, so that you can be sure of a place. You can subscribe on the programme here.

Aanmelden: Online / offline leefwereld jongeren R-newt x Het PON