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Ondernemers in verbinding

Ondernemers in verbinding

During Dear Future, Rabobank Tilburg is organising a small-scale breakfast session in the Rabobank advice centre. During this session, four established entrepreneurs will be connected to four starting entrepreneurs. These entrepreneurs will split up into small sessions, discussing their businesses based on five fingers:
– Thumb: talk about what you are good at
– Index finger: talk about what you are focused on/what you are committed to
– Middle finger: talk about what you do not care about
– Ring finger: talk about someone you care for a lot, what you connect to
– Little finger: talk about the area(s) in which you still want to grow


Rabobank Tilburg

Where and when

wednesday september 27th
09.30 – 12.30
Rabobank Tilburg e.o.

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