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Masterclass ‘Maak het verschil! – Kijk op de Wijk’

Masterclass ‘Maak het verschil! – Kijk op de Wijk’

Together with public administration expert Pieter Tops, BrabantKennis will explore how poverty and social exclusion can traditionally lead to neighbourhoods and communities appearing completely autonomous, where inhabitants take care of their own affairs and frequently turn a blind eye. And where underground criminality is rampant. What can we do to prevent organised crime taking over, or pulling apart communities? Is an administrative and judicial approach sufficient? Or should we develop a broader, social approach? And what shape should this take? This masterclass builds a bridge between theory and practice: we go in search of the dilemmas of daily policy implementation around this theme. As a basis, we use the books ‘De achterkant van Nederland’ by Pieter Tops and Jan Tromp and ‘Een ongetemde buurt’ by Pieter Tops (for those interested, the books are for sale during the masterclass), supplemented with the long read ‘Criminaliteit met een zachte G’.

Are you a concerned citizen, leader, professional or policy maker in Brabant? Active in Brabant communities? Eager to learn with a hands-on mentality? Register for this masterclass in the Trend Research Lab in Tilburg!



Where and when

thursday september 28th
13.00 – 17.00
Trend Research Lab

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Attention please! This masterclass is full, but you can subscribe for the waiting list via the form below. You will receive a message if there’s a free spot available.

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