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Kenniskans: Living in Transition

Kenniskans: Living in Transition

Saar van der Spek takes you to a world full of new urban environment initiatives. People who do things just that little bit differently and dare to step outside of the old, top-down hierarchy of the authorities and urbanisme.

Kenniskans started as a subject studied by fourth year International Lifestyle students at Fontys. Born from the idea of an economy in which knowledge sharing is becoming increasingly important, and initiated by the Kennismakerij, it was opened up to outsiders under the name Kenniskans.

Last year, this Kenniskans format was a major success. The presence of architects, artists, landscape architects and other interested parties gave the lessons much more depth through additions from practice, the teachers more focus and the students insight into how theory is interwoven with practice. A great first step in further interweaving education with the city, in sharing knowledge and collaboration within the field. During Dear Future, you can enjoy a preview of next year’s Living in Transition. When Saar and her students will again descend upon the Kennismakerij, in the heart of the Spoorzone, that itself is fully in transition.


De Kennismakerij

Where and when

tuesday september 26th
15.30 – 17.00
Burgemeester Brokxlaan 8-18

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