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Innovatie in toegepast onderzoek

Innovatie in toegepast onderzoek

Are you a researcher or CIO within a local authority, ministry, province or social institution? Then join this session!
During this inspiration session, we will talk about the fit between contemporary phenomena and traditional research methods. The demands made of applied research are changing. Is it not time to think about radical alternatives? What new methods are available? And, what qualities must (policy) researchers have in order to modernise? In this inspiration session, Yannick Bleeker (working at Regioplan Beleidsonderzoek in Amsterdam) will introduce you to several innovative methods and will sketch the future of hands-on researchers. Onwards, towards doing thorough, solid and innovative research!


Regioplan Beleidsonderzoek

Where and when

tuesday september 26th
14.00 – 17.00
Hall of Fame, Café

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This programme is free of charge with a wristband. You can get your free wristband at the information point or you can ask the activity organiser. It is advisable to subscribe if you’re planning on visiting, so that you can be sure of a place. You can subscribe on the programme here. Joining last minute? No problem, however full = full.

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