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ICT Buddy Project

ICT Buddy Project

The ICT Buddy Project is a project in which supply and demand are brought together within the ICT labour market.

In a new, more personal and human way, we want to bring together and connect supply and demand. Meaning that those looking for work will find the job they dream of faster and business will find the talents they need in order to grow. The end result is regional economic growth.

We want to achieve this through intensive collaboration between governments, education and businesses. Together, we can achieve this social and economic objective. The organisation and maintenance of this collaboration will be taken on by the ARC Project Agency Foundation. Besides this collaboration, we also implement a model in which input and output is tackled in an innovative way. Human beings are central. ‘Power of motivation’ is our starting principle.

We support those looking for work to develop (knowledge, skills and attitude) according to the needs of the labour market. Employers are also helped to offer work in a different way and to attract, recruit, retain and develop talents. This makes us able, in collaboration with the four major partners, to connect supply and demand.


ICT Maatje
ACES Direct
IT Support Groep
Gemeente Tilburg
Projectbureau ARC
ROC Tilburg
Avans Hogeschool

Where and when

wednesday september 27th
08.30 – 12.00
Bank 15

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