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Grasp your future!

Grasp your future!

It’s September, time to return to reality. Throw your swimming trunks back into the bottom of the wardrobe, and forget all about the clear, blue seas and never-ending parties. In exchange for all that good stuff, you can get back to thinking about your Dear Future,. Great, although…your career path sometimes looks more like an extreme version of Ninja Warriors…. We’ll never claim that it’s easy, the start of your career. But we’re here to offer a helping hand. Because during this event, you’ll be able to win a (final) internship or traineeship that could ultimately help you towards your dream job! All you have to do is overcome a few obstacles…do you dare take up the challenge?

Grasp your future, the challenge
In a team of students, young professionals and professionals from the social domain, you’ll get to work on a practical issue. You’ll go in search of the solution for the problem together and discover whether you can hold your ground during this unpredictable challenge. By the end, you’ll make sure that there’s a brilliant pitch ready that will present your team to the case manager of the social organisation, professionals from the social domain and the other teams. The best pitch gets the chance, with the help of our network, to actually be realised and the student/young professional that has made the biggest impression on our talent scouts will be in with a chance of the (final) internship or traineeship.

Meet your future boss
After all this great stuff, there will be networking drinks, where you may end up meeting the future boss of your dream job. Ask him or her everything you want to know and above all, don’t forget to get their business card and make that all-important coffee appointment.

Good to know
Everyone can apply to participate in the challenge, although only students and young professionals between the ages of 18-30 will be in with the chance of a (final) internship or traineeship.
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Jonge Schakels

Where and when

wednesday september 27th
15.00 – 19.30
Club Smederij

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This programme is free of charge with a wristband. You can get your free wristband at the information point or you can ask the activity organiser. It is advisable to subscribe if you’re planning on visiting. After subscribing, the organisation will contact you for your CV.

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