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Getting started on your house

Getting started on your house

The National Energy Agreement states that the built environment will be fully energy neutral by 2050. This presents cities and regions with an enormous transformation task. Indeed, by 2050, all energy used in the built environment must be produced sustainably. In the Hart van Brabant region, there are about 200,000 homes (of which 60% are privately owned) which are responsible for approximately 15 to 20% of the total energy consumption.

A revolution in the field of energy saving, sustainability, circularity, functionality and digitalisation is needed. ‘Structures will need to be built better, cheaper and faster. The sector needs to get moving, the social urgency is considerable’, according to Bernard Wientjes (Chairman of Taskforce Bouwagenda and former chairman of VNO-NCW). Companies that don’t move with the necessary changes may soon miss the boat.

Since the start of this year, more than twenty regionally established construction and installation companies, national industrial suppliers, local energy cooperatives, energy advisors, architects, marketeers, brokers/valuers, knowledge institutions and the Tilburg and Dongen City Councils have been working together to accelerate this enormous transition task in the Hart van Brabant region. Under the title “Aan de slag met je huis in Energie Utopia Hart van Brabant” (Getting started on your house in Energy Utopia, Hart van Brabant) a diverse number of partners will present their innovative approaches during Dear Future,. They realise that 75% of future innovation success will be determined by their innovative way of collaboration and only 25% by the size of their R&D investments in technological innovation.

Day Programme
Open Coffee Bouw
The morning starts at 9.00 am with Open Coffee Bouw, a live talk show with Peter Linders, provincial programme coordinator of ‘Sneller en Beter naar Nul-op-de-Meter’ (SBNoM). With two prominent guests, he will discuss the long-term energy transition task in existing housing, with as overarching theme “Aan de slag met je huis” (“Getting started on your house”).

Morning sessions
From 10.15am you can participate in three inspiration sessions about realised project examples in Tilburg, Brabant and the Netherlands respectively.

Network lunch
At around 12.30pm you’ll be able to network and further discuss sustainable construction and living, whilst enjoying a delicious lunch.

Afternoon sessions
In the afternoon, there are three inspiration sessions on the agenda. The first has as subject the creation of a regional innovation centre for sustainable building. The second inspiration session is about the necessity of consortium forming with new revenue models and during the last session the (im)possibilities of circular construction will be discussed.

Network drinks
At around 15.30pm the inspirational day will conclude with network drinks.


Gemeente Tilburg
Nicolaas’ Participaties
Open Coffee Bouw/Spark
Groene Keten
Endis Reno
Technische Unie
Green Works Academy/Raab Karcher
BJW Wonen
Bouwend Nederland

Where and when

thursday september 28th
08.30 – 17.00
Club Smederij

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