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Food 2030

Food 2030

The world is characterised by various development issues such as spatial inequality, the contrast between poor and rich, environmental issues, the production of adequate and safe food for all, violent conflicts and diseases. All of these issues are caused by human beings and per definition should then also be solved by human beings.

The minor in Global Development Issues at Fontys Hogeschool stems from the idea that students – as citizens, consumers and future professionals – are closely involved in global development issues. This demands well thought-out choices and the ability to ask the appropriate questions relating to sustainable development, justice and interculturality. During Dear Future, together with the Kennismakerij, they will delve into the subject Food 2030.

In this assignment, international students from the minor in Global Development Issues will carry out research into the global food issue. This issue comprises two components: food production and food consumption. The main questions that will be answered are:
– How do we ensure that food production in 2030 takes place sustainably?
– How do we ensure sustainable food consumption in 2030?

The students work in small sub-groups and focus on one of these questions. They develop a disaster scenario and a desired scenario, pitching their outcomes at the end of the morning. They will incorporate the feedback that they receive during the second work session on 6th October.

Visitors are welcome to learn more about the theme at the assignment pitch and are also invited to think along and get involved.


De Kennismakerij
Fontys Hogescholen – Global Development Studies

Where and when

friday september 29th
09.30 – 13.30
Burgemeester Brokxlaan 8-18

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