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Een Social Lab voor jongeren die zich niet gehoord voelen

Een Social Lab voor jongeren die zich niet gehoord voelen

Young people who come into contact with Youth Services often feel misunderstood. This leads to frustrations and irritations. For the young people themselves, of course. But also for their parents and care providers. How can things be done differently? What does work? How can we understand each other better and more easily? Does it help if young people make their ‘personal instructions’ themselves?
Together with young people, parents, care providers, staff from (youth) care centres and other involved individuals, we are going to tackle these questions. The purpose is to develop a user manual, leaflet or instructions in a creative, fun way during this Social Lab. By allowing young people to make visible who they are, what they need, they will start to understand themselves better and teach their environment to understand them better. This (user)manual should be a stimulating and supportive step in which the young people have the lead in their care process.
During the workshop, we also explore what is needed to get the personal manual, leaflet or instructions actually implemented. If it’s up to Zorgbelang Brabant and KR8LAB, all the involved parties would leave the workshop with more understanding for each other’s perspectives and the young people would leave with not only their very own personal manual, but a good feeling too.


Zorgbelang Brabant

Where and when

thursday september 28th
09.30 – 17.00
Hall of Fame, Foyer

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