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Doe-event ‘Het nieuwste ondernemen in Brabant’

Doe-event  ‘Het nieuwste ondernemen in Brabant’

“How do we create a healthy ecosystem to strengthen the new entrepreneurship in Brabant?” This is the central question during this hands-on event.
With inhabitants of Brabant, social entrepreneurs, local authorities, the corporate sector, education and researchers we want to go in search of the ingredients for an ecosystem/a learning network for new enterprise in Brabant. A network where social innovation, the doing (social entrepreneurship) and learning come together. A network in which different types of knowledge and capital (social, cultural, financial and personal) can come together in such a way that those involved – with the mindset of The New Entrepreneurship – can co-create solutions to strengthen the new, meaningful entrepreneurship in Brabant.
The ingredients that we will think up together during this event will be bundled into a recommendation for the province by BrabantAdvies.


Calei Consulting
Systemisch Consult
Rosenblatt Social Innovation & Transformation Design

Where and when

friday september 29th
09.00 – 12.30

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Aanmelden: Een ecosysteem voor het nieuwe ondernemen in Brabant