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DITSS Safety atelier

DITSS Veiligheidsatelier 2017 [Safety atelier 2017]

The DITSS foundation warmly invites you to attend and participate in the fifth DITSS Safety Studio on the 27th of September from 13:30 to 17:30 in Tilburg. This year, we too have three important safety issues that we would like to present. The objective is to discuss the issues with you according to the Safety Studio methodology (, with the aim of solving, and further exploring, the three issues. The three clients have reserved money for the best proposals.

Your expertise is needed for solving or further exploring the following three issues:

Issue 1. Within the city ring, the Tilburg council has a number of unsafe crossings. For the Korte Heuvel – Heuvel crossing, the council is in search of increased road safety, better ease of crossing and preservation of spatial quality.

Issue 2. The national police want to handle the alarm calls that come in to its operational centres faster and more accurately in order to better tackle criminality. They are looking for a technologically supportive solution.

Issue 3. The safety region of Central and West Brabant is looking for a way to establish good, long-term safety agreements with all involved organisations for high-risk ‘hotspots’ where diverse risks regularly arise at specific times.

Registration is possible via this page on the website!

When: Wednesday 27th September, from 13.30 to 17.00 hrs.
Where: BANK15, Spoorlaan 350, Tilburg
For who: Anyone who want to contribute expertise to solving or exploring the safety issues.
Costs: Free admittance
Transport: 100 metres from Tilburg Centraal Station, 50 metres from Pieter Vrede Plein car park.


DITSS – Dutch Institute for Technology, Safety & Security
Gemeente Tilburg
Nationale politie
Veiligheidsregio Midden- en West Brabant

Where and when

wednesday september 27th
13.30 – 17.00

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This programme is free of charge with a wristband. You can get your free wristband at the information point or you can ask the activity organiser. It is advisable to subscribe if you’re planning on visiting, so that you can be sure of a place. You can subscribe on the programme here. Joining last minute? No problem, however full = full.

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