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De inspiratie voorbij

De inspiratie voorbij

We are 900 days, 11 hours and 59 minutes further since the start of the Youth Innovation Network. 46 ideas have been submitted, of which 25 have been pitched and 17 of them further developed. We are 100 innovators and 550 network members richer and are growing by the day. Are you curious about the impact that has already been made? If so, come to the Spoorzone in Tilburg and take a journey along the different initiatives and best practices, and learn from the various successes, but also from the difficulties and pitfalls. Participate in engaging workshops, come and listen to interesting speakers and vote on new pitches. During this event, we travel beyond inspiration and focus on the impact that we are making.


Innovatienetwerk Jeugd
Regio Hart van Brabant
Fontys Hogeschool
Samenwerkende Jeugdzorg Specialisten (SJS)

Where and when

wednesday september 27th
12.00 – 17.30
Hall of Fame Café, Concertzaal, Foyer, Junior Skatepark en Ladybird Skatepark

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This programme is free of charge with a wristband. You can get your free wristband at the information point or you can ask the activity organiser. It is advisable to subscribe if you’re planning on visiting, so that you can be sure of a place. You can subscribe on the programme here. Joining last minute? No problem, however full = full.

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