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Culture in public spaces – who’s playing?

Culture in public spaces – who’s playing?

Developments such as the rise of new media, a retreating government and citizens who actively want to model their living environment, leads to questions about how public spaces are designed. What significance do public spaces have for the public? Culture has an ambiguous role in this: it can both create opposition and improve spaces.

In 2015, Tilburg started Cupudo (Cultuur Publieke Domein), a city lab that invites and inspires citizens to make concrete proposals for culture in the public domain. Cupido explores the relationship between citizens and the public domain, both physical and virtual.

The work session, ‘Culture in public spaces: who’s playing?’ examines the interaction with the public domain. Using a game form, we explore three perspectives: the cultural maker, the user and the manager.

City lab Cupudo will use the results of the work session for the further development of its working method. Want to play along?


Gemeente Tilburg
NHTV Breda

Where and when

thursday september 28th
14.00 – 17.00

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Aanmelden: Cultuur in de publieke ruimte: Wie spelen mee?