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Creative and sustainable solutions for a resilient Brabant

Creative and sustainable solutions for a resilient Brabant

The social issues of the future demand creative solutions. Whether looking at things from the perspective of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, issues at a national scale or challenges at a regional and local level: all of these issues demand solutions that extend across domains, solutions that create connections between different challenges and levels, solutions whereby social, ecological and economic values unite.

Many initiatives in Brabant are demonstrating that this is possible; sustainable solutions for a resilient Brabant! Small-scale neighbourhood initiatives, social entrepreneurs, but also large businesses and healthcare cooperatives are contributing to this movement: The Economy of Meaning.

We want to get your heart beating faster for the Economy of Meaning, with a number of inspiring examples and speakers. What can you do to further this movement? And what insights and experiences would you like to contribute, for the continuation of this inventory?

Our programme for this Dear Future, Thursday, consists of:
• Remarkable stories, such as that of Willemijn Verloop, founder of Social Enterprise NL;
• Films featuring inspiring examples by Purpose People;
• Discussions, including between the delegates and social entrepreneurs;
• In-depth sessions about impact, new revenue models, networking, etc.;
• First results of the Brabant Economy of Meaning inventory;
• A Food Market with dishes by social entrepreneurs.

An update, with the definitive programme, will follow!


Provincie Noord-Brabant

Where and when

thursday september 28th
18.00 – 22.00

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