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Brabantse Health Deal

Brabantse Health Deal

Choices in living environment influence the welfare and wellbeing of the people of Brabant, and thus also their health. Fifteen public parties and knowledge partners (including Tilburg City Council, GGD Hart voor Brabant and the Dommel and Brabantse Delta Water Boards) made the Brabantse Health Deal (BHD) in 2016, in which they express health and wellbeing as a principle for a good and sustainable quality of life in Brabant. The Brabantse Health Deal is the movement of inhabitants, professionals and policy makers that want to make Brabant healthier.
In Tilburg, projects we are working on include ‘Playground city’ and the cycling network in the region. We really want to start working together to get these and other initiatives off the ground. Think along and join us!


Gemeente Tilburg
GGD Hart voor Brabant
Waterschappen De Dommel
Waterschappen Brabantse Delta

Where and when

monday september 25th
14.30 – 17.00
Bank 15

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