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Nxt Stps Brabant: Brabant testomgeving voor de wereld van morgen

Nxt Stps Brabant: Brabant testomgeving voor de wereld van morgen

BrabantAdvies presents her recommendations ‘Brabant as test environment for the world of tomorrow’. The recommendations sketch the next steps in the innovation policy, with as an urgent question how Brabant can also remain competitive in a rapidly changing world. The ambition to turn Brabant into ‘one big living lab’ and test environment for the world of tomorrow (coalition agreement ‘Brabant in Beweging’) could be the appropriate answer to this. But what does this mean exactly and what steps need to be taken to make this actually visible in the coming years? What kind of new policy does this demand? These questions will all be addressed during the session at Dear Future, whereby connection will be sought with current developments in transition areas, such as the mobility of tomorrow, smart cities and staying at healthier and safer at home for longer.



Where and when

wednesday september 27th
09.30 – 13.00

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