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Art therapy: Non-verbality / connection

Art therapy: Non-verbality / connection

In this ever rapidly moving society we never have time, everything is expected of us and we struggle with our health and day-to-day occurrences. There is little room to be aware of your body and the signals it gives. We are more focused on the cognition of the person, what he thinks and verbalises. This increasingly alienates us from our emotions and feelings. We are increasingly trying to express ourselves and find relaxation through mediums such as yoga or meditation. But our creativity also plays a large role in this, whether you listen to music, dance, paint or sketch. Expressing ourselves in a non-verbal manner. And in the future, it will be the non-verbal aspects that will probably play an increasingly significant role.

Art therapy is a treatment method for people with psychiatric disorders and/or psychosocial problems. The therapy is focused on initiating development, change, stabilisation and/or acceptance processes.

Art materials, such as paint, clay, wood, stone, textiles, but also digital media, form the basis of working with art therapy. Art techniques are applied, such as working with symbols and rituals. In addition, techniques are used that focus on the experience, such as coincidence techniques and guided imagination.

During the workshop, we will get to work in a non-verbal manner, making a connection with each other. Using art assignments, we will address the following topics; mirroring, connection, leading/following, trust.



Where and when

Session 1
thursday september 28th
15.00 – 16.00

Session 2
friday september 29th
13.30 – 14.30

Aanmelden: Beeldtherapie: Non-verbaliteit / verbinding