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Imagine that you can ask the future just one question… what would you want to know?

Dear Future, emerged from an enormous curiosity. Humanity is facing some major challenges. How do we prepare ourselves for these? How do we shape an intelligent life in a rapidly changing world? We challenge you to think along with us. Dear Future, is about so much more than predicting the future. Dear Future, poses bold questions that lead to innovative solutions. Questioners, thinkers, visionaries and innovators from all walks of life come together during this dynamic festival. A festival where experiments, entertainment, exhibitions and lectures meet. Dear Future, is for all those engaged in a smart, fearless and creative manner with society. Dear Future, will take place in the heart of the Spoorzone in Tilburg and in diverse locations in the centre of Tilburg. The fifth edition of this annually recurring showcase festival will take place from Saturday 23rd to Friday 29th of September 2017. The result of four editions of European Social Innovation Week, it is an event for social innovators from across Europe. Dear Future, is the answer to the question of how professionals and citizens can come together and enhance each other.

Dare to ask!

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